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Company "EPM Rīga" was founded in 2010 with the aim to develop and commercialize scientific developments in a number of industries, including designing and testing of prototypes and new technologies and their application in production processes.

The company's founders are Dr. phys. Andris Bojarevičs, Dr.habil.phys. Jurijs Geļfgats, Dr. phys. Imants Bucenieks and Mag. phys. Toms Beinerts.

Company's founders author more than 200 scientific publications and 132 patents specializing in metallurgy and liquid metal technology related and adjacent industries and also command extensive experience in the implementation of technological developments, focusing on manufacturing process improvements and optimization.

At present, the company has established close cooperation with a Norwegian partner company and have jointly developed a technology for recycling waste silicon of metallurgical silicon using an innovative arc technology.